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Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in VW Fraud |

60 Premature Deaths Will Be Caused By VW Fraud

Volkswagen continues to be embroiled in a trap of their own making with the ongoing scandal of diesel car emissions fraud affecting the American public.

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Environmental Research Letters Study Findings

An environmental study published by the Environmental Research Letters in the last few days has indicated that the not-so-clean diesel cars affected by the VW fraud could ultimately have already contributed to the death of 60 American men and women. This alarming figure has many people up in arms about the conduct of the Volkswagen car company over their misleading business strategies.

Vehicles Rigged With Software Designed To Trick Test Results

The sophisticated conceit involved rigging vehicles so that they could detect automatically when an emissions test was being undertaken. This would then trigger an artificial reduction of the level of nitrogen oxide that was being released in order to stay within the U.S. government mandated emissions standards. Ultimately, the standard emissions vastly exceeded the recommended levels under normal circumstances.


Once the vehicle had departed from the laboratory, the software would switch the preset settings back to ensure improved fuel-efficiency at the expense of 10-40 times more damaging emissions. A clever ruse indeed. The scheme was only discovered recently with the public becoming aware of the issue back in September. Vehicles from Volkswagen have been undergoing this software manipulation from 2008 to 2015.

Dangerous Emissions Begin in 2008

As a result of the vehicles let out on public roads that should never have been until they passed emissions testing, VW vehicles have been damaging the environment and potentially the health of the people in the vicinity of the vehicles since 2008. Anyone either owning a Volkswagen car or living next door to someone who did during the 2008 – 2015 period is likely to have been exposed to higher levels of poisonous emissions. If you want to be well informed feel free to visit:


The researchers who conducted the recent study considered the likely usage of a VW car over its useful life, and also looked at other risk factors when coming up with a rough estimate of how many lives would be lost due to the increased pollution levels. Steve Barrett of MIT indicated that when adding the additional pollution levels of VW car emissions to other known emission levels in the environment, 60 people will likely have already passed away, or will do so, typically a decade or sooner than they would have otherwise.

Further Respiratory Problems Cause Hospital Visits Due To Pollutants

Beyond the premature deaths, there were also 34 admissions into hospitals for cardiac or respiratory problems and a further 31 people having been admitted for chronic bronchitis. It is worth bearing in mind that almost half a million of Volkswagen vehicles were sold during the affected period in the United States, with a further 10.5 million more having been sold abroad.

Research Results Reviewed by Experts at Carnegie Mellon

Other researchers at Carnegie Mellon, in association with the Associated Press, determined that between 16 and 94 people in the United States could have died over the seven years affected. A further 140 deaths can be expected if nothing is done to either fix the emissions problem in the vehicles or recall them from the road.

VW Vehicle Recall Has Begun

Volkswagen have since started a recall of the affected vehicles across a number of the countries that are known to have the models of car with emission problems. It is not yet known how long the recall will take to complete and what the eventual human toll actually will have been.