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Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Personal Injury |

About Personal Injury & Privacy

Personal injury means infliction on someone other psychical or psychological pain or just fearing someone. There are many types of personal injuries and here are some of them: -Physical pain; -Psychological pain; -Violation of someone’s rights; -and just fear.

Today many companies are damaging someone’s private information and share them with the rest of the world. All of us aren’t aware of the consequences of using our own information by a third party for some of its own purposes. We are sharing our personal information without even knowing their trajectory on the Internet. Facebook represents probably the biggest threat for your personal information security.


All of ushave their own Facebook profile and we put all types of our information there. We think that this this is good but we never think on the consequences. Today we don’t need to talk about ourselves because all our private information’s can be find on our Facebook profile. Also many people can find out your politically preference from stuff that you post and it is just question of a time when that can be used against you.


Big problem is also that some people post their religious beliefs. That is such as a private thing and that can be very dangerous, but no one think what could happen. The best example in what way can our information’s be misused is that our profiles can on easily way be hacked. In that way people who did this can use our profile and do with him whatever they want to. Also, when we put our information’s on such webpages someone can make the same profile as ours and do illegal things and for sure, we will be responsible   Facebook isn’t the only web page where your rights can be injured. social-media-management-1There is also Twitter, Instagram, all types of sites for online gambling etc…. The communication on internet and those pages is very dangerous for us and especially for our children. We can tell many personal information to someone and he or she can easy abuse them, and our children can adjusted on some tricks and run into big problems.
There are many problems when it comes to this online security. People can be tracked easily because their smartphones and Facebook profiles are updating their locations every day. You should think before someone makes a problem with your own personal info.


We can be at least surethat some people care about our private information’s. For that purpose people have made“The International Standard for the Protection of Privacy and Personal Information”.

It shall enter into force in 2009 and from that year they say that all our informationare safe. They guarantee us that we can put as much information’s that we will on internet and no one from those can be misused.
We must to think of ourselves and keep us secure from many internet dangers today.

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